The Tie



The Tie's 2022-2023 State of the Market Report includes:

  • A breakdown of the core thesis for six ecosystems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, and Arbitrum.
  • Raw numbers illustrating how effectively that thesis was realized in 2022.
  • An outlook for each ecosystem in 2023.

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The Tie

The Tie is the leading provider of information services for digital assets. Our core offering, The Tie Terminal, is the fastest and most comprehensive workstation for institutional digital asset investors. The Terminal brings together real-time news from thousands of primary sources, with sentiment analytics, spot and derivatives, alternative, and on-chain data in a powerful and intuitive platform.

The Tie's clients include the leading traditional and crypto-native hedge funds, OTC desks, market makers, trading venues, banks, sell-side firms, and other institutional market participants.

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