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The Tie Terminal keeps institutions on top of the crypto market with a consolidated workflow and the re-envisioned Coins Profile. This feature set gives the user the most comprehensive overview of each asset in crypto and provides benchmarks to identify relative opportunities. The robust coverage of individual coins that sits within The Terminal furthers The Tie's mission of consolidated, institutional-grade information in one place.

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Identify New Opportunities

  • Revamped experience built to ensure users have everything they need to understand a given asset
  • Significant data depth has been added, allowing for a more thorough and in-depth analysis
  • The combination of off-chain and on-chain data allows users to make specific decisions utilizing actionable data sets
  • On-chain offering is digestible for TradFi users who may be less familiar with these data sets
  • Four brand new data sets including Market Data, On-Chain, Ownership, and Governance
  • Proprietary data combined with leading external data sources


The Coins Profile Includes:


Coin Feature Set Profile
  • Get a quick overview of a specific coin
  • View key market data metrics, charts, news (with project-direct updates), sectors, and categories of the given coin
  • Components offer users the ability to dive deeper into a specific category of data if they crave more information

Market Data

Coin Feature Set Market Data
  • Track major market stats
  • All major metrics can be benchmarked against any other asset, as well as entire sectors/ecosystems (e.g. DeFi)
  • Track historical returns on a monthly and annual basis to derive seasonality and asset performance insights
  • View funding rate data sets from Amberdata
  • Explore each market the asset is tradable on and the corresponding bid/ask spread and volume with a link to quickly act on the data in view

Sentiment Data

Coin Feature Set Sentiment Data
  • Showcases activity on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and 4chan, as well as news coverage
  • All metrics can be benchmarked against individual assets or related categories/ecosystems
  • Metrics are stratified by geography, with a map indicating where an asset is most popular, including corresponding location-specific sentiment
  • Relative valuation metrics calculated off social media activity
  • Access to Similarweb’s web traffic data including top 5 referring domains, top 5 countries by web traffic, and trend data charting total traffic by month


Coin Feature Set On-Chain
  • Major on-chain metrics
  • Trade and benchmark active addresses, total transactions, and addresses with increased and decreases balances
  • View large transactions
  • Chart the percentage of supply on exchanges vs. price and exchange inflows and outflows
  • Adjust metrics by group of holders (e.g. Whales or Institutions)


Coin Feature Set Ownership
  • Deep insight into token holders
  • View balances, percentage of supply held, and changes in balance for early holders, whales, and retail traders
  • Contextualize ownership distributions with pie charts and changes among particular wallet addresses
  • Track what other assets holders of a given coin own, helping identify new opportunities and potential diversification risks
  • Track how many holders are in profit and loss and at what prices 

Additional Insights


View all news stories on coins and updates directly from those assets. Filter to view the change in key metrics and time frames related to a specific story release.


Track all on-going and past governance proposals on tokens. View voting data, proposal details, and time remaining.


Access research reports on individual assets from The TIE and our collection of research partners including DRW, Arca, Genesis, NYDIG, GSR, LedgerPrime, and others.

Backed by top investors and trusted by 100+ institutional clients

Backed by top investors and trusted by 100+ institutional clients

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The Tie

The Tie is the leading provider of information services for digital assets. Our core offering, The Tie Terminal, is the fastest and most comprehensive workstation for institutional digital asset investors. The Terminal brings together real-time news from thousands of primary sources, with sentiment analytics, spot and derivatives, alternative, and on-chain data in a powerful and intuitive platform.

The Tie's clients include the leading traditional and crypto-native hedge funds, OTC desks, market makers, trading venues, banks, sell-side firms, and other institutional market participants.

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